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Сплит-системы Coooper&Hunter в Волгограде

The trademark C&H (COOPER & HUNTER) owned AND СOOPER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (USPTO /United States Patent & Trademark/ No 4494682)
Inheriting the best traditions of the leading companies in the field of manufacture of HVAC equipment in the United States, in 2003 the Company Sooreh&Hunter International Corporation started the production of a wide range of climate equipment under its own TM.
Two ideologies, two directions, two leaders United to create a new product. Exquisite design, consistent with the fashion trend, ergonomics and comfort combined with innovative developments, modern technology and high quality.
"COMFORT INNOVATIONS" — these words became the slogan of the brand COOPER & HUNTER
Since 2003, the number of products under the brand C & H (COOPER & HUNTER) has been measured in millions of units, Cooper&HUNTER technology has become very popular on different continents, and the brand C & H has become a sign of quality and reliability of HVAC equipment.
COOPER & HUNTER is an international climate brand. Sales geography covers a large number of countries on different continents and is constantly expanding, which is proof of the deserved popularity of the brand.

An advantage of Cooper&Hunter
Careful control of production, full responsibility for the final product and accurate marketing strategy – these are the components of the success of the company, which is trusted by millions of people. We have developed a unique program: "perfect product Strategy"and" Global quality control". Its application has allowed to achieve the highest standard of quality equipment.
The high level of equipment reliability, unique features, modern design and a wide range of products make C&H products popular in many countries around the world.

* - less than 0.2% of claims;
100% testing of all components;
R-410A only;
Test standards build with the use of equipment MARPOSS (Italy);
Each unit undergoes a complete functional control;
Each 50th instance is removed and checked at maximum load in the test labs;
In case of deviation of at least one parameter, the whole batch is sent for revision;
C&H quality control standards meet the requirements Of the American society of heating engineers ASHRAE (American Association of engineers for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning);
Equipment COOPER & HUNTER are manufactured in accordance with high standards and quality requirements of USA, Canada and the European Union.