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Сплит-система Green в Волгограде

Green-calling climatic equipment, possessing the maximum required functions of the NB once and, high reliability, cream design and affordable price. Split-system brand green ester meet the requirements for energy saving. Technical characteristics and design features are thought out to the smallest detail, which allows you to operate the equipment in different climatic song. Innovative approach to the development of the brand, annually updated model number of services is a complex, favorable terms of cooperation - these are the main advantages for which we have already chosen more than a million customers.

The advantages of all models

Compact evaporators The modern l-design of the evaporator significantly increases the heat exchange and minimizes the size of the indoor unit.

Increased fire safety

The control boards of the indoor and outdoor units are enclosed in metal enclosures, which reduces the likelihood of ignition due to short circuit and increases fire safety. Monolithic body base Combines tray for the condensate and the bottom of the housing, eliminates leakage between body parts

Quiet fan

Innovative blades increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger and noise characteristics.

Anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchanger Increases the efficiency of heating, is resistant to salt air, rain and other corrosion factors.